Introducing: The Fiction Novel Generator v1.0
New Software: Watch LIVE As I Create A 
UNIQUE Fiction Book In Just 4 Minutes  
Easy Click, Generate & Copy Method!
...this software does all the hard work for you!  
Hi, my name is Rhys. 

How would you like to get hold of some software that will help you generate entirely unique fictional novels, over and over again, in a matter of minutes? 

Are you like I once was? 

I knew all about the earning potential that the kindle marketplace offers it's authors...

...but I am just too busy to write long books! Sound familiar?

What if there was software out there that would help you write awesome, unique fictional stories whenever you want and in no time at all?

Well, I would like to introduce to you 'The Fiction Novel Generator'!

What this software will actually do for you:
  • Everything You Need - I've complied all the various resources that you will generate your next fiction novel. 
  • Plot Generator - Click a couple of buttons and you will have your plot outline sorted! 
  • Character Generator - Within minutes, characters with unique names and back stories will be generated for you.
  • Book Title Generator  - Struggling to think of a unique name? Struggle no more - generate a random book title with a click of a button. 
  • Speedy Story Structuring - Use the 'Snowflake Method' to help structure your story in a cohesive and interesting way. 
  • Chapter Guidance Template- A template that takes you through each section/chapter of your book, helping you keep it interesting and on topic. 
This software works great for: 
  • First time Authors
  • Experienced Authors
  • Many different genres; fantasy, sci-fi, horror & comedy
The bottom line is this: 

This software will not only make it super fast for you to write new fiction on a regular basis, but it also makes it ridiculously easy

You could be well into writing your first, interesting fictional novel by the end of today! 
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